Hey there, interwebs wanderer! My name is Jakub Hampl. I also go by Kubík or chamik.

I am a programmer, administrator of the Czech branch of the SCP Foundation, a guitar player and an enjoyer of fiction and colorful lizards.


I am most interested in creating desktop apps, games, and small utility tools. I create stuff using mostly C#, Python, Bash, and TypeScript or JavaScript. I’ve also worked with Rust, LabVIEW, and C. I have some experience with Linux as I use Arch btw. Here’s the stuff I use.

The SCP Foundation is an amazing community and I’m maintaining the Czech branch since September 2020. Most of my free time gets channeled into this site.

When I’m not programming or translating, I like to read a book, solve twisty puzzles, and play guitar. I have a beautiful chameleon named Leo.

I dislike bureaucracy and anything that has to do with CSS.


I don’t know, actually. One thing is for sure though. If you see this picture somewhere online, you can be pretty sure it’s me.

Also, please feel free to reach out about anything. Be it about the environmental impacts of blockchain DNS or fun facts about racoons.

I know how interwebs work I swear.