Cool websites

An ever-expanding list of websites I find cool.

0d9e.tech - Friend web ring

Aniččino - Personal blog of a well-travelled friend

Black Blog - Blog about programming, math, physics, literature, and tea

Kognise - Computer person with an amazing writing style

KSP - Programming seminar created by folks at MFF UK

Marian - Just a picture of Harold

Martin Mareš homepage - Brum brum! Father of the czech internet, computer mage extravaganza

Matěj Volf - Based shitposter disguised as a programmer

Meziklasí - Blog about a mythical village in the center of the Czech Republic

mrms.cz - Creating overengineered (he disagrees) projects in memory unsafe languages since 2020

rdck.dev - This guy is unironically creating his own web browser

Rosseta - Amazing old-school blog about the Neverhood and other fandoms.

SCP Foundation - Czech branch of a collaborative fiction writing project

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows - Blog poetically describing feelings and situations with new words

Things Of Interest - New age sci-fi with new age formats

Read a meta article about cool lists on mrms.cz