To do my day to day stuff, I use a bunch of tools I think are really cool and handy. Maybe you’ll find them interesting as well.


I use the Linux of the curved structure. My WM is bspwm, and my shell is fish. Terminal emulator of choice is alacritty.

Text editors

If I had to choose one, it would be VS Code. For me it’s the most versatile and easy to use editor available. The $EDITOR variable is assigned to neovim, the ultimate command line editor. And whenever I’m working on a bigger project I use JetBrains’ editors (mostly Rider).


Howdy is a “Windows Hello” style authentication program for Linux. It’s cool as heck and saves the three seconds it takes to type your password every time.

I use rofi as my launcher for everything. (It’s just nicer than dmenu I’m sorry)

Other things I can’t be bothered to write a description about